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Your Fitness Professional 

Ronald Gladwell
Fitness Professional
Author of Food And Exercise 4 Living: Your Complete Guide To An Energised Lifestyle


My goal as a fitness professional is to serve as your healthy lifestyle coach. I wish to be your trusted resource for sensible guidance and clear direction in your pursuit of a healthy, active lifestyle.

At Gym In Motion you will not only be thought of as a client, but as a friend, as we will work together to ensure that your fitness goals and highest expectations are met.

I have invested in the education and certifications necessary for me to assess your current fitness condition and tailor an exercise programme that will put you on the right path toward the results you are after.

Recognising that each person is unique, I don't believe in stereo typed programmes. I will customise your programme and provide the hands on coaching and motivation necessary to make lasting, visible changes to your body.

I was born into a spiritual family and from the age of four  practiced Hatha Yoga and meditation with his family as a daily occurence. On entering my early teens, I started studying martial arts and went on to study Shotokan karate with the Japan Karate Association based in Tokyo. This was the laying of the foundation and discipline that would play an important role throughout my life. I'm a Personal Trainer, Boxing Exercise practioner and Holistic Massage Therapist. I've gained experience in the US, Australia, South Africa, Europe, Hong Kong and Middle East.

  My Primary Area of Expertise lies in:

  • Fitness for over 55's, persons with learning difficulties and persons with physical disabilities

  • Stroke rehabilitation 

  • Falls prevention and rehabilitation 

  • Dementia - understanding and prevention 

  • Mental health