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 Our carehome employs a specific person full time to provide in-house activities. Why should we be using an outside provider?.
The outside activity providers are specialists in their specific fields and keep up to date with new techniques, therefore bringing up to date outcomes to your residents. There is also the social part of the activity. Your residents see the same staff day in, day out and for your residents wellbeing they need to be interacting with different persons on a social level.

 How often should elderly residents be engaging in fitness activities ?.
It is recommended that persons over 65 should get at least 150 minutes of aerobic exercise per week or 30 minutes per day. Alternatively 75 minutes of vigorous exercise, such as jogging each week.

 We have a resident who's sight impaired. Could he still take part in the programs you offer?.
The answer is most definitely YES. Our trainers will talk the resident through the activity and assist the resident in order to provide a meaningful experience for him. All our activities are inclusive, regardless of the residents ability.

 How often should our residents be participating in your programs?.
In order to see progress as often as possible. We recommend the following: FitBingo/FitHoy - weekly; Walking4Life - 30 minutes per day; Otago Falls Prevention - 30 minutes per day plus the 30 minutes Walking4Life per day; BeActive with Parkinson's Disease - 30-60 minutes per day plus the 30 minutes Walking4Life per day; 1-2-1 sessions - 2x 60 minute sessions per week.

 Some of our residents have dementia. Will they be excluded from your sessions?.
All our trainers are Dementia friendly and have undergone training. Your residents will not be excluded, in fact we will welcome their participation at our sessions.

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