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Benefits of Exercising for Disabled Persons

Physical activity benefits range from health and wellness to increased emotional quality of life. Yet, 51% of the population are inactive and for persons with disabilities, this number is even higher. Oftentimes, the physically disabled are inactive because of physical limitations, but thanks to adaptive technology and increased programs, a physical disability is no longer an excuse to avoid being physically active. Here are the reasons why persons with disabilities should participate in an active lifestyle:

1. Health Benefits

A physically active lifestyle decreases risk of health problems related to obesity,  type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, colon cancer and osteoporosis. An active lifestyle decreases these risks exponentially, and that includes people with physical disabilities.

2. Increased Emotional Health

Including physical activity in a healthy lifestyle is proven to decrease rates of depression. Unfortunately, for persons with disabilities, depression rates are higher. Participating in regular exercise can be a life-changing benefit of physical activity.

3. Independence

For a physically disabled person, an increase in physical activity can lead to more independence and freedom. Increased physical strength and energy that come from regular exercise allows disabled persons to do more daily tasks without assistance.

4. Socialising

There are physical activities organised for physically disabled people seeking exercise. Through these activities, disabled people can meet friends with similar life experiences.

5. Fun!

Many people participate in physical activities because they are fun!. While not everyone enjoys the same type of activity, this benefit of physical activity can be applicable to everyone.

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