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The FitHub - Carehome Group Classes
The FitHub - Carehome Group Classes

Where We ALL Fit In
Fitness Classes You can do anytime, anywhere 

Group Classes 

Fast-track to a healthier, happier class with the FitHub, the budget-friendly way to work with award winning trainers. The FitHub is designed to help you transform your group class in the comfort of their own surroundings. The first month is FREE, thereafter a subscription of £65.00/month is payable in advance by either direct debit, credit card or bank transfer.

What to expect from FitHub Classes

Four weeks of planned classes - one per week

Make every moment count without the hassle of planning classes for your group
This includes:

  • A breakdown of your class schedules
  • All resources(1) used in our classes is provided on a download, just click and print
  • Clear instructions on each class exercise, both video and written
  • Answers to any FAQs you may have using our messenger system, no emails or phone calls back and forth

Bodyweight and resistance band classes

One doesn't need to wield heavy equipment to stay active and get fit. Thanks to our bodyweight and resistance bands classes, your group will be able to:

  • Enjoy a functional fitness class in the comfort of their own surrounds
  • Transform their bodies with equipment-free exercises
  • Each class is different from the previous
  • Get creative with our FitBingo and FitWord classes

A class plan for every setting

We have a workout plan that suits your preference, allowing your group to:

  • Take part in a safe and effective fitness class
  • Be adaptable with how and where your class takes place
  • Follow a class format laid out by experts

How The FitHub Class Coaching Works

When you sign up to The FitHub:

  • The activities coordinator will complete a confidentional questionnaire which will give us an insight into your group and will be used as the corner stone to develop your classes.
  • A video call either via Teams or Zoom will take place with the activities coordinator.
  • Next you will gain access to your personalised class portal, either via our website, Android or iOS app.
  • This will be followed by your first class plan.
  • The class plans, coupled with the video library, are specially designed so to avoid injury to your group and provide a meaningful exercise class.
  • You will receive one class plan per week which can be a combination of FitBingo or FitWord classes.
  • All that’s left to do is for the resources to be printed off and to present the class to your group.
  • Our in-app messaging ensures that we're here to offer support throughout.

What all is available on FitHub?.

At present the following is available, taking into account both cognitive and physical fitness activities for your group.

FitBingo - a variation on the game bingo. The calling of numbers is alternated with various physical exercises, with the game aim to produce a full completed line, either straight down, across, diagonal or just the four corners. All cards are individually produced and no two cards are the same. Each class sees a different set of cards produced all printed in large format.

FitWord - is a reminiscence based activity, which comprises of a crossword puzzle, printed in large format, with visual clues used in conjunction with the word bank. Each clue is alternated with various physical exercises. Due to the nature of FitWord reminiscence conversations are sparked between class participants. Topics can be customised for specific classes.

FitScramble - is a cognitive activity whereby words are scrambled. The participant needs to unscramble them to match the words in the word bank. Produced in large format and is suitable as a single participant activity.

FitSearch - a cognitive activity whereby words placed in the word bank are found and outlined in the large format puzzle. Suitable as a single participant activity.

FitMatch - a cognitive activity whereby the participant matches questions to answers. Printed in large format.

FitScramble, FitSearch and FitMatch are a free subscription when FitBingo and or FitWord are subscribed to.

Otago Falls Prevention Program - a series of 17 strength and balance exercises delivered in four progressed modules over a 16 week period. This program is known to reduced falls between 35% and 40% for older adults.

GRASP ( Graded Repetitive Arm Supplementary Program) COMING SOON - a self administered supplement to inpatient stroke rehabilitation.

This service is best suited to situations where our in person live classes are not possible. The FitHub classes compliment both our in person live classes and our at home live classes. This is a subscription service and may be cancelled with one calendar month notice in writing. 

Suitable for: Groups in carehomes and independent retirement venues

Geographical area covered: Nationwide

(1) - optional equipment used ( resistance bands, weighted bags and sensory balls) are available from ourselves at a nominal charge

Create an Account

Thank you for signing up. Let's get you started with an account. The first month is FREE, there after a subscription of £65.00/month is payable in advance by either direct debit, credit card or bank transfer.

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