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Body Analysis Scan

In-depth body fat and muscle analysis to help you know what to work on to lose fat and improve strength—and be less prone to injury.

Our body analysis utilises Composition Myography, a scientific technology. "Myography" literally means "the description of muscles." This analysis will cover body fat percentage and muscle quality and will produce a detailed visual report of each muscle delivering a Muscle Quality and Body Fat report.

Muscle Quality is a rating of your muscles' fitness. A high Muscle Quality score means a lean, strong, and fit muscle. Define your progress with detailed, accurate, and scientifically meaningful measurements. Muscle Quality tells you when your muscles are getting leaner, well before your mirror does. By measuring individual muscles and mapping them out will  help you optimise your training based on a detailed, accurate, up-to-date score for each of 24 locations. Strength train your way to a high Muscle Quality. Measure individual muscles with our body analysis scan to know which areas need more work, and reach your peak performance, more efficiently.

Alterations in the muscle condition can also affect the electrical impedance of the muscle. For example, muscle injury will produce edema in the muscle, which will alter its electrical conduction. Thus, Composition Myography can be sensitive to muscle overuse and also disease, the original use for which it was created.

Most people compensate for relative weak spots unconsciously, all the time. Experts can see it in our posture, the way we walk, and even in the bad form we resort to when doing certain strength-training exercises. But hey, those compensations get the weights overhead and our arms locked out. They also make it hard to determine the quality of any particular muscle by simply tracking workout data. By measuring Muscle Quality directly, in multiple locations, Our body analysis offers more accurate information about individual muscles, and overall fitness, than activity trackers or complex, detailed workout logs can hope for.

A sample of the Muscle Quality report

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A sample of the Body Fat % report

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Suitable for: bodybuilders, sport persons, fitness enthusiasts, weight management.

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